Carlos Fuentes

During his 17 years of experience in the energy sector, the total monetary value and energy capacity of projects led by Mr. Fuentes is in excess of US$ 1 billion and 1,100 MW.

Mr. Fuentes held different positions with Gener as Senior Analyst and then as Project Manager.

He worked for Gener as part of a team that evaluated and pursued privatization opportunities in Brazil and Argentina. He participated as Project Manager, responsible for the commercial agreements (PPAs and FSAs), for Paranagua, a 600 MW coal power plant in Brazil.

As Chief Executive Officer of SCL Energía, Mr. Fuentes has been involved in substantially all of the projects of the company, including the takeover and restructuring of Termocandelaria S.A. ESP

He is a member of the investment committee of AEF I and a board member of AEF I companies in Chile, Colombia and Peru.

Mr. Fuentes has a Business Administration degree from Universidad de Santiago de Chile with postgraduate studies in Finance at the University of California, Berkeley.