Eduardo Damián

During his 20 years working in the energy sector, Mr. Damián has been Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of companies with asset values and generation capacity in excess of US$ 1.5 billion and 2,700 MW.

Mr. Damián worked for Pangue S.A. in Chile (450 MW), where   he participated in the US$ 300 million [financing structure].            

He also acted as CFO of CB Transporte & Infraestructura.  He was the Chief Executive Officer of Chivor S.A., a 1,000 MW hydro dam facility in Colombia, leading the takeover process and the debt restructuring for US$ 400 million.

He is president of Itabo S.A. in the Dominican Republic, and chairman of the Generation Companies Council in Colombia. He was also the CEO of Termocandelaria during its turnaround process from 2002-2011. He also is Chairman of TPL, Termocandelaria and TEBSA matrix.

He is a board member of AEF I portfolio companies in Peru and Colombia. 

Mr. Damián has a Business Administration degree from Universidad Católica de Valparaíso with postgraduate studies in Finance at Universidad de Chile.