Eduardo Vicuña

During his 32 years of experience in the energy sector, Mr. Vicuña has been responsible for the construction of projects with a value and energy capacity in excess of US$ 1,300 million and 1,800 MW.

Mr. Vicuña has participated in the construction of many projects. He integrated the construction team of Alfalfal, a 160 MW hydro power plant in Chile.

Acting as Project Manager, he was responsible for the construction of Nueva Renca (380 MW combined cycle) and Guacolda (2x150 MW coal power plant). He also acted as Engineering Manager for the feasibility study of Paranagua, a 600 MW coal power plant in Brazil.

While working for Grupo SAT, Mr. Vicuña acted as Project Manager of Nehuenco II, a 390 MW combined cycle for Colbún, Barrick Plant (34 MW) and Colmito (50 MW) for Pacific Hydro.

He has been a board member of AEF I companies in Chile and Peru.

Mr. Vicuña has a Civil Engineering degree from Universidad de Chile.