Joaquín Cornejo

During his 26 years of experience in the energy sector, Mr. Cornejo was responsible for the construction of projects in excess of US$ 950 million and 2,700 MW.

Mr. Cornejo has gained substantial experience as Project Manager and Chief Operations Officer of energy projects in several different countries. In Chile, he was responsible for the construction of Energía Verde S.A. (approximately 50 MW) and was promoted to Chief Operations Officer of the company.

Other projects conducted under his responsibility as Project Manager included the construction of Termoandes, a 600 MW gas combine cycle in Argentina, and Puerto Ventanas in Chile.

Mr. Cornejo also acted as Project Manager of Paranagua, a 600 MW coal power plant in Brazil, during the feasibility study process, and the refurbishment of Itabo, a power plant in the Dominican Republic (450 MW).

Working for SCL Energía, he has taken a leadership role in the development of the Convento Viejo and Cachapoal projects, which are two hydro power plants with a total capacity of 40 MW.

Mr. Cornejo is a member of the investment committee of AEF I and a board member of AEF I companies in Chile, Colombia and Peru.

Mr. Cornejo has a Civil Engineering degree from Universidad Católica de Chile.