José Bertrán

During his 26 years working in the energy sector, Mr. Bertrán participated in the construction and feasibility studies for projects with monetary value and generation capacity in excess of US$ 1,000 million and 800 MW.

Mr. Bertrán has gained substantial experience in the development of biomass and cogeneration projects.

Working for Gener, he was Chief Executive Officer of Energía Verde S.A., a Gener subsidiary dedicated to developing biomass projects. In that position, he was responsible for the development, commercialization, fuel supply agreements, and the operation of four biomass plants with 42 MW of total capacity.

Mr. Bertrán was also responsible for the development, acquisition, construction, and commercialization of a 25 MW gas turbine power plant.

Working in conjunction with SCL Energía, Mr. Bertrán has been responsible for the development of the commercial studies of a 150 MW cogeneration facility in Colombia and the negotiation of a new PPA for Masisa and Petropower, both SCL Energía S.A. customers.

He is a board member of AEF I companies in Chile and Colombia.

Mr. Bertrán has a Civil Engineering degree from Universidad de Chile.